Teal Rustic- Heartprint Threads

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The Teal Rustic 2.0

The 'Teal Rustic'... long flat drives across the country may seem boring at first glance, but if you look closely there are treasures from our past in old farms, sheds and rusted out trucks. Time capsules of a difficult, often lonely but simpler way of life. Mysterious, romantic and somehow nostalgic. I'm sure they would have loved one of these to cope with those long winters!  Now with a seriously cool update!

As with any blanket you purchase, 'A blanket for you, is a blanket for someone in need'


Thanks in advance!

  • Queen size 80" (204cm) x 92" (234cm) 
  • 100% Recycled Acrylic
  • Made in Ecuador
  • cold delicate wash, hang dry
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