Tree Line Ponderosa- Queen

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The 'Ponderosa' - Named after the Ponderosa Pine. The remarkable bark from this tree distinguishes it from others. It's fragrance on warm days is known to smell like vanilla or butterscotch. Find one and see what you smell!

The Tree Line - The edges that define our towering mountains. Where vegetation says 'No thank you, this is quite high enough for me.' A place where only the hardiest survive and where trees bend to the will of the wind. Need a little 'definition' in your cozy space?

As with any blanket you purchase, 'A blanket for you, is a blanket for someone in need'


Thanks in advance!

  • Queen size 80" (204cm) x 92" (234cm)
  • 100% Recycled Acrylic
  • Loomed to perfection in the majestic hills of Peguche, Ecuador
  • cold delicate wash, hang dry
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