Queen- Tree Line Colorado Blue

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The 'Colorado Blue' - Named after the Colorado Blue Spruce. It's the Colorado state tree and a popular ornamental tree all across North America. Known to live up to 800 years old. That's one wise tree!

The Tree Line - The edges that define our towering mountains. Where vegetation says 'No thank you, this is quite high enough for me.' A place where only the hardiest survive and where trees bend to the will of the wind. Need a little 'definition' in your cozy space?

As with any blanket you purchase, 'A blanket for you, is a blanket for someone in need'


Thanks in advance!

  • Queen size 80" (204cm) x 92" (234cm)
  • 100% Recycled Acrylic
  • Loomed to perfection in the majestic hills of Peguche, Ecuador
  • cold delicate wash, hang dry
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