Nadia Drop Earrings

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Vintage inspired and full of romance. The Nadia Drop Earrings is a stunner to cherish along with all your special moments.  

- 1.25" Sterling Silver Posts
- Swarovski Crystals
- Crystals
- Bronze-Plated Base Metal


Our jewelry is all plated. With time, the gold/silver plating on costume jewelry will wear. Depending on an individual’s skin and usage, this can occur as quickly as 1 week and up to a couple of years. In order to extend the life of the jewelry, please follow our Dos and Don'ts of Jewelry Care:

Who doesn’t love a bath? Your jewelry - that’s who!
Moisture is plated jewelry public enemy #1. Keep your precious pieces looking stellar for longer by avoiding contact with water, sweat, soap, lotions, oils, or perfumes.

It’s the icing on the cake
Your Jewelry should be the last thing you put on in the morning (even after all your hairspray and makeup) and the first thing you take off at night. And that means it comes off at night. No sleepover parties with your new favorite earrings.

Sleep tight pretty things
Keep your jewelry in a sealed bag or box to help prevent tarnishing. Exposure to oxygen accelerates the aging process. Proper storage can be a lovely jewelry box or even a tried and true ziplock bag. Your jewelry won’t care, it just wants to be cared for.

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