Floral Climber Earrings White

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A dainty arrangement of white flowers to adorn your ears - 0.6ÌÒ - Sterling Silver Earring Posts - Swarovski Elements Crystals - Tiny Glass Pearls - Gold-Plated Base Metal

Jewelry Care:

Lover_‰Û__s Tempo Jewelry is plated. With time, the gold/silver plating on costume jewelry will wear. Depending on an individual_‰Û__s skin and usage, this can occur as quickly as 1 week and up to a couple of years. In order to extend the life of jewelry, please follow these care instructions from the company:
Store in a sealed box or bag to prevent tarnishing
Avoid contact with water, perfumes, lotions and hair products.
Do not store in areas high in moisture (Eg:bathroom)

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